If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is 30 frames per second, then can you imagine communicating 30,000 words a second to your audience?

While the jury may be out on that math, video production is definitely one of the best ways to produce content for the demographic you wish to market to. The combination of visual content with sound is a powerful way to engage with a generation that is less responsive to the traditional marketing of yore. In fact, according to Animoto, 4 in 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important, and 25% of consumers will not do business with a company that does not use video.

So what does this mean for you and your business?

It means that if you aren’t already using video as part of your marketing repertoire, now is the time to start. Cisco states that 70 percent of all Internet traffic in 2015 was video traffic, and that number will grow to 82 percent by 2020. As such, neglecting a medium that already has significant importance, and whose significance will only grow, is to be doing yourself a disservice.

One of the ways you can take advantage of video in your marketing strategy is by making a video that summarizes each product/service that your business offers. If 1 in 4 customers skip a company that does not use video, you’ve effectively increased your business 33 percent by doing so. And that does not take into account the consumer engagement you get by using a more captivating medium like video over text or images.

Another way to capitalize on the growing trend of video is by using it to take your consumer through the buyer’s journey. For example, if you are a camping supplies company, a video on “How to pitch a tent” or “5 things to avoid in water canteens” would be a good way to interact with your customers and engage with them. You can also add authenticity to testimonials by interviewing past customers on video, rather than just having a picture beside some text.

To summarize, video is a growing trend in the online world, and if your business is going to keep up, it needs to engage its customers through video.