Progressiva was born out of academia, with an initial aim of tackling the issue of lost leads by building an advanced lead management tool.

During the development stages, the team recognized other relevant and necessary gaps that Progressiva could cover.

Progressiva has the ability to be connected to an unlimited number of landing pages and websites, manage an unlimited number of leads, segregate those leads into different buckets or results, automatically build custom audiences on Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Instagram, launch automated tailor-made campaigns to any custom audience, and last but not least manage any lead in its own CRM.

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Complete marketing automation

Advanced CRM that has a complete marketing automation foundation underneath it. With the combination of all 3, a lead management tool, a CRM, and a marketing automation tool, Progressiva turned from a nice to have to a must-have.

marketing refined

Unifying sales
and marketing teams

From acquisition to retention
The conversion platform for all Marketers

End to End Control

Recover and
retain your leads

Increase your ROI
& leads up to 90%

automated CRM

Healthcare, Real estate, Insurance, Hospitality, Travel, and More generates leads and increase conversions and ROI with the same marketing spend


Reduce your marketing spend and discover one of the most best CRM and marketing automation tool

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