Keyword cannibalization occurs when you have too many identical or similar keywords spread throughout the content on your website.

A good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy ensures that the right people can find the relevant pages on your website. This can be done with on-page SEO services, a content optimization strategy, and working with content marketing experts to get you on the right page. If you do it right, the right page will increase the rankings and get you the needed traffic.

But when it comes to strategies like SEO writing services, you should know what steps content marketing experts take to stop keywords from being used more than once. For example, you need an on-page SEO checklist or a full strategy for optimizing your content. In that case, you might have pages that overlap, and your pages will compete with each other, which won't get you the results you want.

6 Ways to Prevent Keyword Cannibalization:

Restructure Your Website

Most of the time, the easiest solution is to turn your most authoritative page into a landing page that links to other unique versions of your targeted keywords.

Merge Content

If you have two web pages that do similar things, like one that recommends good dog food and another that lists bad dog food, you should put all this information on one page.

This solution will only work in some cases, but most of the time, merging content will make your website's search engine optimization easier and better.

Create New Landing Pages

You might also need a landing page that brings all of your product pages together in one place. In this case, you should make a unique landing page to serve as your authoritative source page and link to all your variations.

Remove Keywords

If you want to keep some content for other reasons and the keyword could be more important, you can always eliminate it. This may be a slower and more time-consuming way to do things, but that's typical of manual solutions. Its advantage is that it's very simple and easy to implement.

Change Inbound Link Requests

This type of cannibalism will be one of the hardest to stop, but it can be very important. SEO also looks at how many other sites link to your content when ranking search results.

If you search your website, other websites are linking to your less important content, which is why it still ranks higher than your newer, more relevant content.

Delete Content

It's extreme, but you should consider getting rid of all the bad content on your website, especially if it's no longer important.

If your business has grown and an older, less professional, personal blog post with certain keywords still ranks higher than the web content you want, delete it. If the content is no longer there, then the problem is no longer there either.


There may already be links to both pages from within the site and from previous link-building efforts, so it might be hard to merge them. In this case, you could choose to keep the link to one of the pages but redirect it to the page you keep.

In closing

Search algorithms today are much smarter and more careful about how they rank search results. Good content will always be the most important thing for getting a good ranking. Ensuring you don't cannibalize your keywords will help you highlight your intended content and give it the attention it deserves.